Brain Gym® - A Unique Approach


Visit the client stories listed on the left

to see how versatile Brain Gym®

can be in addressing a variety of issues.


The root cause of a difficulty may be an imbalance in neurological processing.

Balance can be achieved through remediation strategies using sensory motor stimulation and motor development to achieve you goals.

Brain Gym is effective in many different settings. Over the years, I have worked with all ages and a wide variety of challenges. While Brain Gym was developed in the classroom and remains primarily an educational model, I have found it to be extremely effective for an array of emotional and physical imbalances.

Because Brain Gym rewires the neural connections in the brain body system, it can effectively change the way we feel, the way we think, and the way our bodies function. 

The client stories that appear to the left is a sampling of the clients I have worked with and the challenges that they brought to their Brain Gym sessions.