What Can You Expect from Integrative Movement?

Integrative movement, also referred to as sensory motor movement, can release the developmental survival reflexes, activate muscles and nerves, prompt deeper breathing, and stimulate various organs. As these changes occur, the neural networks begin to function more easily, new neural connections are made, and stronger neural firing takes place.  This promotes coordinated, stable functioning in the neural circuitry. The brain body complex is then able to function optimally cross-laterally, vertically, and to the front and back of the body….. all dimensions of functioning.

As a result of this neural integration: physical comfort increases; tension and anxiety are released; the large and small motor movements necessary for listening, learning, and communicating are strengthened; vision is enhanced; language acquisition becomes easier; cognitive control, reasoned thinking, and wiser judgments and discernments increase, thus reducing impulsivity and reactivity.

Client Stories