S. Christina Boyd

Christina is a neuro-developmental therapist, a Licensed Brain Gym Consultant and an Educational Kinesiologist.  She received her licensure in Brain Gym® in 1994 and her Master Certification in NeuroLinguistic Programming in 1990.  She has lived and practiced in Flagstaff for 24 years. In addition, she incorporates infant reflex inhibition methods and Touch For Health techniques into her body-centered approach to assisting individuals with learning and achievement, healing from trauma, and revitalizing their life in general.  She currently provides services to STAR Elementary School incorporating Brain Gym® into the special education program and the general classrooms; to local schools assisting students who are struggling, at the Flagstaff Coconino County Public Library offering a Brain Fitness program (The Brain Train) as part of their summer reading series for children, and with local counselors providing adjunct therapy for PTSD clients. Christina offers presentations on various topics to agencies, schools, and individuals.

Christina works with all ages to release the stress and habitual reaction patterns that underlie learning difficulties, as well as behavioral challenges, and emotional imbalances. She works with children and teens to address hyperactivity and help them reach grade level; with adults and couples to facilitate personal change and teach communication skills; and with families and groups to enrich interpersonal dynamics.  She has been at the forefront of the current wave of brain science and its application to personal change: integrative, sensorimotor movement, along with other body-centered approaches, have been validated by the last decade of brain research.

Christina has trained counselors, teachers, parents, and health representatives on the Navajo Nation. She has presented in multiple settings including higher education, health services, mental health, the justice system, and business.