Brain Gym® At Work

S. Christina Boyd, Licensed Brain Gym® Consultant


Landon, age 62, had a traumatic childhood with an alcoholic, schizophrenic father who died when Landon was 19.  His mother was enormously over-protective and it took years of therapy for him to speak up, ask for what he needed, and become independent. During his young adult years he experienced two muggings in with he was severely beaten.  He suffered a heart attack at age 53. He came to me hoping to reduce his anger and resentment, to be able to comfortably engage with people, and to feel like a strong adult man instead of like a little boy unable to fully contribute to resolving daily life challenges in partnership with his wife.

After 2 sessions:

·      Landon experienced a “new normal,” in which he felt much more relaxed overall and more comfortable with people.

After 3 sessions:

·      When visiting relatives, from whom he typically withdrew and didn’t interact, he felt no nervousness or anxiety and said he didn’t feel like hiding but rather enjoyed himself.  He participated in family activities and talked with groups of people vs. the one-to-one interactions he usually engaged in. He also said, relative to the plane trip, that he hadn’t been afraid of flying this time.  He said, “It’s a whole different life! Incredible!”

After 4 sessions:

·      He was amazed that his physical balance was much better -- he felt “more stable” while walking.  His body was more fluid in its movements, and his back pain was much reduced. He was, overall, a great deal more comfortable physically.