Brain Gym® At Work

S. Christina Boyd, Licensed Brain Gym® Consultant


When I first met Jarod, age 6, he had a difficult time being “settled” in his body, he would get extremely upset when his mother would leave his room after putting him to bed, he couldn’t sit through dinner without getting upset about something, and he would scream and cry uncontrollably when he got upset. 

After 5 sessions:

      ·      Jarod was feeling quite “settled” in his body

      ·      Putting him to bed was a much more pleasant experience for both Jarod and his mother

      ·      He could sit through dinner with very little upset

      ·      Now when he gets really worked up and screams and cries, he is better able to “turn it around,” as his mother says.

      ·      He started riding a bike without training wheels:  His mother said, “This is a huge deal for him.  Something just “clicked” and I think it has much to do with the Brain Gym work!”