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Stand Tall - Don't Fall

Find Your Balance


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What Class Participants are Saying:

“I have MS with balance problems. I used to run into the wall. Now I don't. I can't tell you why, but Stand Tall has worked for me.” ~ Cheryl Magee

“I’m more aware of my body. I’m more coordinated and flexible and can now walk down the stairs in a straight line. I can also accomplish everyday tasks faster and more efficiently!” ~ Claire Comnick

Before class, participants report feeling agitated, stiff, tired, or scattered and after class they are calm, flexible, energized, and focused.


Joe C. Montoya Community Center
245 N. Thorpe Road, Flagstaff, AZ

Every Wednesday -- 2:00 to 3:00 pm




July 10 and 17
August 7 and 28

Join at any time
Register at your first class -- Please arrive 15 minutes early.

$7 per class with purchase of a 4-week series

This class is very unique. Please attend your first class at no charge to check it out.

Participants’ feedback after class:

“More alert.”

“New sense of well-being.”

“More stability.”

“More freedom of movement.”

“Can take deeper breaths.”

“Feel stronger.”

Brain Gym®, Vision Gym, Touch for Health, and other sensory motor integration exercises, work directly on the brain body system to stimulate efficient gross and fine motor neural patterns. This produces well-coordinated movements, efficient brain function, clarity of mind, and increased energy. These simple, adaptable movements integrate the vestibular system with visual, auditory, and kinesthetic systems to develop and maintain neural networks that function optimally.

The Stand Tall -- Don't Fall program improves brain function, body flexibility, balance, and energy. You will experience reduced stress and tension and a greater sense of well-being.

 Build new skills to:

·      strengthen reflexes

·      improve posture

·      increase attention span

·      enrich cognitive functioning

This program draws from over 100 sensory motor activities, strength and balance training exercises, and cognitive and spatial awareness tasks. 

The Stand Tall – Don’t Fall program is modeled on Move With Balance, chosen by the American Society on Aging and the MetLife Foundation as the winner of the MindAlert Award in the category for programs designed to enhance mental fitness in older adults.

 This multi-faceted, safe and fun program improves fitness in six areas:





Body Awareness


All movements can be done seated and can be adapted for any physical limitation

Instructor: Christina Boyd has 22 years experience working with all ages as a movement therapist. She is an experienced trainer, presenter, and learning coach and is adept at engaging people in sensory motor activities with fun and humor.


How Brain Gym® Helps Seniors And The Aged

Standing, sitting, in walkers or wheelchairs, the gentle, coordinated movements of Brain Gym activate the neural connections of the brain/body complex to achieve significant improvement in the physical, mental, and emotional realms.

 Measurable benefits are experienced in:

·      Mental health

·      General well-being

·      Quality of life

·      Mobility

·      Independence

·      Cognition

·      Ability to think and solve problems

·      Sense of directionality and coordination

·      Language expression

·      Emotional well-being

·      Motivation

·      Physical balance,

·      Confidence

·      Enhanced communication

 Regular practice of these simple, adaptable movements will assist

both the fit and the frail to:

·      regain lost or diminished capacities and thus return to enjoyable activities that may have been given up

·      establish greater safety in sitting, standing and walking through improved balance, better posture, and increased attention span and mental acuity.  This is a great fall-prevention program.