Brain Gym® and Brain Injuries

View a report on how Brain Gym can assist in recovering from a brain injury.

Brain Gym and Parkinson's Disease


Brain Gym sponsored by the Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona

We had 36 people come to the Brain Gym® classes sponsored by the Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona and offered to the public in early February 2017. So we are moving forward with the development of the Brain Gym® for Brain Injuries classes -- which will also be free to the public.

I'm conducing a NEEDS ASSESSMENT. If you know of anyone with any type of brain injury (stroke, impact, concussion, minor or major) please pass this information on to them and ask if they would like to add their name to the growing list of those interested in being kept informed as these classes develop. Please call Christina at 928-863-0595 or email her at
View the flyer.

Our funders would like to know the level of interest in these classes in order to determine what is needed by brain injury many classes to offer and how to structure them. This is a critical piece as we move forward.

Thank you for helping to spread the word.

Brain Gym® for Brain Injuries - What is it?

Brain Gym® is based on a series of 26 sensory motor movements that are designed to promote a more efficient brain-body connection thus optimizing brain performance. Injuries to the brain compromise neural functioning. Assisting the brain to regain as much of its natural functioning as possible is the goal in healing. Brain Gym may be of help to some people. View a report on how Brain Gym has been used with brain injuries. 

The Brain Gym activities are simple coordinated movements that are adaptable to any limitation and can be done standing or sitting. Individual results may vary.


  • Concentration and focus
  • Memory
  • Academics
  • Physical coordination
  • Organization skills
  • Attitude and mood