Brain Gym® At Work

S. Christina Boyd, Licensed Brain Gym® Consultant


Aiden, age 16, was in an alternative school to help him manage his classroom behavior and academic challenges. He struggled with fitting into a regular classroom because he had a very hard time focusing, sitting still, and staying on task. Because of these challenges, he could not be successful in a regular, mainstream school. 

Brain Gym was a new concept for Aiden, but he was willing to participate in the sessions. I explained to him that Brain Gym is a learning readiness program that is appropriate for all ages and utilizes specifically directed movements that activate areas of the brain for coordinating, organizing, and filtering sensory information. This would allow him to perform any task more easily. A "task" could be sitting at a desk and paying attention to the instructor, completing an assignment, reading something, or even dealing with frustration. 

When there is poor neural functioning in the vestibular system (the balance system) or an imbalance in the fluid transfer of information between brain hemispheres, the result can be a wide variety of symptoms that show up as cognitive or behavioral challenges. Brain Gym rewires the neural system to function in the most optimum way possible, facilitating easier connections and allowing for faster processing.

After only a few Brain Gym sessions, Aiden shared with me that he felt more relaxed, his head felt "more open." and he "felt good." I noticed that his mood significantly improved, he was smiling more often, and he was more energetic. His teacher told me that he began requesting "Brain Gym breaks," which helped him stay more focused and on track during the school day.